It’s Ok to Still Be Pissed: The Riot Grrrl Movement and Womanhood

Nestled here, between reviews of horror stories I will place this little opinion piece.Riot-grrrls-Tuesdays1

Recently, I have found renewed personal vitality over rediscovering the Riot Grrrl movement. I am, in many ways, an ultimate child of the 90’s. While this movement slightly predated my full initiation into social awareness, is has been an important undercurrent of my development. There is a bit of the Riot Grrrl in the anti-establishment philosophies that surged (sometimes lazily bc everyone was high) in the 90’s. Riot Grrrl suggested for the first time that women should be pissed, an idea that rocked my world. The movement wasn’t only a medium for social change. It was unifying, supporting, and a damn good place for therapy.

It’s ok to be pissed.

I’m not saying spew hatred at your male loved-ones. But use it as the fuel that fires you into standing up.

So I ask, now that the Riot Grrrl generation has grown up, why isn’t there a Riot Woahmyn!/Mttther, or something to that affect? Womanhood needs kinship as much as girlhood. Now more than ever, I am sure of myself. But, the nature of being a woman requires many evolutions and challenges.

The closest thing I’ve seen to this was my time with the Navy’s SAPR program. Within the horrifying confines of sexual assault cases, there was a support among the women involved in the program. Fellow female sailors who showed up to court martial cases, just to sit on the victim’s side of the room. A quiet army. tumblr_msjk24nG591swhrnco1_500

The same women, whose faces lit up when the victim took the stand, looked at her attacker and said, “Fuck You.” Cause we were all saying it with her in our thoughts.

But not just in terms of violence against women. I am wondering where all the grown-up Riot Grrrls went over the course of their lives? Why aren’t we standing up for issues concerning the second shift, domestic abuse, pregnancy, motherhood…the list goes on and on.

I challenge the women of our Riot Grrrl generation to continue to be fucking pissed. Our daughters and sons are watching. The riot didn’t stop when our youth did.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Riot Grrrl movement I recommend checking out:

The Punk Singer

Girls to the Front

There are many others out there as well.

Meanwhile. Riot on.


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